Your Guide to Recovery
Programming for Substance Use and Mental Health in Southeast Wisconsin

Improving the quality of life for individuals and strengthening communities through collaboration, shared resources, and multi-disciplinary problem-solving strategies.

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Our Programming

Sirona Recovery, Inc. serves individuals residing in Milwaukee, Dodge, Fond Du Lac, Ozaukee, Sheboygan, Washington, and Waukesha Counties seeking support and resources for their recovery, including access to treatment near their home, education and prevention, and assistance with finding a safe place to live.

Education & Prevention

Sirona understands that the ideal time to intervene is before substance use or mental health concerns negatively impact lives.

Recovery Support

Early intervention is crucial when an individual or their loved ones suspect that substances or mental illness is causing harm. Sirona offers assessment and referral to the appropriate level of care as the first steps to getting help.

Treatment Access

Sirona offers a variety of programs that guide individuals through the process of recovering from substance abuse, mental illness, and co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness.


Supportive housing can make successful long-term recovery a reality. Sirona provides both supportive housing and sober housing programs.

Who We Are

Sirona Recovery seeks to grow and thrive as part The Difference Principle Network which operates under one primary objective – to provide evidence-backed management and administrative services to social justice nonprofit organizations.

Recent News

In academic training, intellectual rigor is prized. We aim to challenge students to think in multiple ways, question old and new ideas, and demonstrate creativity and flexibility of mind—just as they will need to do in practice. This training is crucial; complex social problems cannot be addressed without complex thinking. Yet, this training is also incomplete.

August 4, 2021
Pursue Your Passion

Thoughtful, talented, and compassionate leaders are essential to helping guide individuals in their recovery.