Teen Intervene
Sirona has a long history of providing substance abuse prevention and education services to Ozaukee County youth. Teen Intervene is an evidenced-based program that has received positive feedback from participants and their parents/guardians.
Based on the widely recognized Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) model, this evidence-based program offers a full spectrum of tools to help address teen behaviors and decision-making related to substance use. Recommended for ages 12-19, the program is designed to assist teens with an identified need to screen for substance use concerns. The program consists of three phases: Screening, Brief Intervention, and/or Referral to Treatment. Sessions cover a range of substance use education and intervention topics and full prevention services can be offered to teens who qualify. The Teen Intervene program is currently only offered to residents in Ozaukee County; Sirona is planning possible future expansion into other Southeastern Wisconsin communities.
Contact Information:

Call (414) 779-5111 to make a referral and/or schedule a screen or email [email protected]
Referrals can be made by parent/guardians, family members, school personnel, juvenile court systems, or self-referrals by youth.