Peer Support Specialist
Posted on April 28, 2021

Position Summary

The JusticePoint Peer Specialist – Certified (PS-C) engages and encourages peers in recovery. The PS-C will function as a role model to peers by demonstrating competency in personal recovery and the use of coping/recovery skills. The goal is to promote engagement, self-direction, and recovery skills so the peer can gain independent mastery over their own recovery. The PS-C works with peers as equals. The position would work with a diverse group of high-risk, high-need, justice-involved individuals.

This opening is not a general case management or social work position. It is specifically for individuals who have or are seeking Peer Specialist certification, have a history of diagnosed mental health and/or AODA issues, and are willing to openly share their recovery story. Those applying for the position should be able to understand and articulate the role and duties of a Peer Specialist – Certified.


  • Be mindful of the ethics, boundaries, power and control issues unique to the PS role
  • Provide trauma informed, culturally sensitive, and age appropriate services specific to each peer
  • Maintain accurate, timely, and appropriate records as well as the privacy of those records
  • Engage peers individually or in groups using evidence based tools and curricula to teach social skills, problem solving, coping and recovery skills, and mindfulness or grounding skills
  • Model, and be willing to role-play, social and recovery skills as necessary to promote self-empowerment of peers
  • Share their personal experiences and the skills, strengths, and supports they use for recovery
  • Encourage peers to become self-directed, focus on their strengths, exercise use of natural supports, develop their own recovery goals and strengthen valued roles within their community
  • Research, locate, and engage resources that are beneficial to peers needs and desires
  • Maintain a working knowledge of trends and developments in the mental health, social work, and AODA field by reading relevant materials and/or by attending training opportunities
  • Other duties as assigned that are consistent with the role of a PS

Qualifications & Competencies

  • Personal experience with successful sobriety and/or recovery for at least the last year prior to date of hire
  • Basic office and computer skills required, including use of Microsoft Office products and general ability to learn and utilize databases
  • ¬†Certified Peer Support Specialist through the State of Wisconsin preferred
  • Experience in facilitation of group programming, such as Mental Health Education Groups, Medication Management Groups, Cognitive Behavioral Groups, Recovery Groups, and etc. preferred


April 29, 2021
Part-time, starting pay of $13-$15 an hour based on certification. Reports to Program Director.