Posted on October 10, 2021

Installers are responsible for installing, retrieving, and basic troubleshooting of various electronic geolocation and alcohol monitoring devices within 24 hours of notification of service need by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, Division of Community Corrections (DOC DCC). JusticePoint Electronic Monitoring is the subcontracted service provider for the contract between Attenti Electronic Monitoring and the DOC DCC for Electronic Monitoring services to more than 3,600 probationers and parolees throughout the State of Wisconsin. JusticePoint Electronic Monitoring LLC is a wholly-owned and controlled subsidiary of the nonprofit organization JusticePoint, Inc.

Installers will receive notification of service need, secure the necessary device/equipment, and meet DOC DCC supervisees at various community locations and, occasionally, supervisee’s homes to install, retrieve, or troubleshoot devices. Installers will be required to pass a background check as outlined by the DOC to become and remain an installer under this project and will be required to always have a dependable vehicle and valid insurance while employed by JusticePoint in this position. This position will require significant driving.


  • Receive service request from JusticePoint dispatch staff via phone, text, email
  • Retrieve necessary equipment from central repository of spare equipment
  • Determine location and time for meeting with DOC DCC supervisee
  • Within 24 hours of service request to JusticePoint, travel to pre-determined location to meet with DOC DCC supervisee
  • Verify the identity of the supervisee
  • Install/retrieve/troubleshoot electronic monitoring device
  • For new installs or device swaps, assign device to correct supervisee within device manufacturer’s software system, install device, ensure that it is functioning as expected
  • Document installation/retrieval as required, communicate with designated contact person/team status of service request
  • Maintain detailed logs of hours worked, miles traveled using JusticePoint’s timekeeping and expense tracking software solutions
  • Act as ambassador for JusticePoint and it’s parent/sibling companies throughout service locations
  • Possible expansion of install/retrieval/troubleshooting services to non-DOC DCC accounts in the future
  • Possible monitoring center/other electronic monitoring duties as assigned by program management
  • Other duties as assigned

Qualifications & Competencies

  • Experience and/or education in Criminal Justice, Social Work, Psychology, or related human service field preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to learn technical requirements of installation/retrieval/troubleshooting of each electronic monitoring device utilized by JusticePoint
  • Ability to represent JusticePoint as a premier, top performing criminal justice agency throughout service territory
  • Computer literacy including working knowledge and experience of Windows and word processing, as well as data entry experience (Microsoft Word & Access)
  • Willingness to work a flexible schedule, including evening and weekend hours
  • Applied knowledge and understanding of criminal justice process is an asset
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • High level of skill in organization and attention to detail and accuracy as well as ability to handle multiple tasks at one time
  • Ability to work independently
  • Demonstrated ability to work well with individuals from diverse economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds
  • Fluency in Spanish, spoken and written, preferred
  • Valid Wisconsin driver’s license and automobile with insurance required
  • Pre-employment and regular follow up background checks as required by the policies of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections or other funding body


Starts at $18/hour
October 31, 2021
Full-time or part-time positions available (benefits available to full-time), hourly, non-exempt position. Reports to Deputy Administrator.